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My husband and I are wanting to adopt. We have no biological children as adoption is our first choice

I am wondering if anyone has any recommendation on which agency to go through? Finding the choices out there quite overwhelming. I honk because I want to get it right.

Also can anyone tell me a bit more about the checks that they do? E.g. Financially, medically etc. And whether their is anything that will rule you out automatically? My husband is self employed, so I'm worried about that and also the fact that we have no biological children? Whether they would rule us out due to this.

Sorry if this is pretty standard questions. I just want honest answers/feedback rather than all the websites and brochures.


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Being self employed and having no biological children wont be an issue at all.

You do have to have a medical and financial checks along with your assessment and if you havent done so try and research as much as possible because children available are likely to have extra needs of one kind or another and the experience of raising adopted kids can be v different to birth children. There is a wealth of info on these forums so a great place to start so maybe search the archives as a starting point.

What area are you in ? Will help people to advise re agencies etc,

Hope that helps x

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Thank you. We are in Herefordshire.

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