My AD's brith mother's new baby

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I have an AD who is 6 now, I adopted when she was 3, I have decided to adopt a second child, I’m currently being assessed.

Out of the blue this week I get a visit from the SW from the adoption first informing me that the my AD’s birth mother has a 6 month old daughter whom is now in the process of coming into state care, would I be interested? Yes very much yes.

My dilemma is; should I wait until this process as run its course and an adoption order as been award or should I go for the “foster for adopt” route? This would mean that the baby comes to live with us sooner. However that would mean we will have to wait until she given an adoption order which would be great; but no one can guarantee this, and we may end up giving the child back. I worried what would that do my daughter whom as already suffered so much loss in her short life.

The benefits of “foster for adopt” is that the second child will not have to deal with moving so much like her older sister had to deal with, me AD is still dealing with the emotional fallout from all of that moving around. Thanks for reading.

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you have summed up the issues very well : I think as an adult you might decide to take the risk but for your daughter ???

hope you can be fully involved in discussion with sw try and find out what the timescales are and that they are definitely going for a placement order, it is good you are already being assessed

Best wishes


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Yes I would be inclined t wait until the placement order has been made I would be also makeing it clear that you want to be assed generally and not just for this child also ask about time scales

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