M&S launches autism friendly school uniform

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Marks & Spencer Launching Autism-Friendly School Wear

The National Autistic Society are delighted to have teamed up with Marks & Spencer to support the development of their brand new ‘Easy Dressing’ school uniform collection. It’s available for sale from 1 August, but you can already sign up to register your interest on their website.

Following a product development campaign called ‘Inventors Wanted’, M&S received lots of feedback asking them to do more for people who struggle with clothing – especially children on the autism spectrum. After consulting with professionals working with autistic children, they decided to develop an ’Easy Dressing’ school uniform range. The charity was thrilled to be approached by M&S to work with them to develop the clothing.

As well as working with the charity to develop the range, M&S will also be donating 10% from every item sold to The National Autistic Society. Click here to go to the M&S website if you’d like to register your interest in their ‘Easy Dressing’ range, so they can let you know when the range is ready to purchase.

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just realised the click here link doesn't work if you cut and paste!! Here it is


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Wow! Just had a quick look and its brilliant - what a good idea. Our biggest issue is socks. My son has 1 pair of ski socks that he'll wear (even in summer :-0 ) and I can't find any more the same - we have a drawer full of rejected similar offerings!

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It is a good idea but my sons uniform is black trousers and blue polos. And black socks! And logo'd. But it's a start!!

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I'm just pleased I do't need to do this anymore as none of this looks like it would have helped my son, as the non-iron usually means it's not 100% cotton and therefore he wouldn't like the feel of it as it would bring on his eczema. I do think organisations should think about co-morbidity especially as I struggled getting non-teflon coated trousers once that became the best thing in childrenswear.

Although if it works for some children that is a bonus

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We bought one of the summer dresses by accident. They look exactly like the normal dresses but do up with Velcro. We found that the Velcro wasn't quite sticky enough meaning that a gentle tug would open the dress and expose her. I might add that my daughter does not have ASD but thought this might be something to bear in mind before you buy one.

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As a slight aside on socks and pants, our son used to try on and reject several pairs every day. By complete chance I bought him day of the week pants and socks and no problem ever since!

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