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Hi all,

my partner and I have very recently been approved as adopters and our SW is keen to match us with a sibling group she mentioned prior to approval panel although she has not seen their CPR yet or know much about them (she said they are healthy, as far as she knows, which reading this forum is not often very comforting news. Although they spent 2 months in hospital after premature birth and are under 1 year - twins).

She has scheduled a meeting with LOs SW and their PACT SW. Plus on the same day we are also to meet their FC.

We are keen to progress to matching but I am a little worried not to rush into things without properly thinking all the right questions and also to have appropriate time to take an informed decision if we agree to progress with them.

I wanted to ask, what has a PACT SW to do in addition to their own SW? Also why meeting their FC so quick? We have asked our SW but not received any answer yet as we got this news on Friday afternoon and meeting them early next week.

We won't be seeing their CPR until the day of the visit so we surely have more questions following the initial meeting but I understand we may not be seeing their SW again until after we have seen their medical report and have agreed to go to matching panel.

Many thanks

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Hi. I think you are right to be questioning this, it seems very rushed. Usually you and your sw would receive the cpr and have the chance to discuss it between you and raise questions before the first meeting with LOs sw. I'm sure you're lovely, but equally I'm surprised LOs sw is scheduling a meeting with FC before they've met you and had time to consider whether you are right for the children. I don't think not seeing their SW again after first visit until you've agreed to go to matching panel is necessarily unusual, as long as they will address any further questions on email or by phone. It could be hard to refuse these meetings if your sw has already set them up and therefore presumably thinks all is fine. If you do end up having to go along with the plan, make sure to stick to your guns on not rushing the decision and getting answers to anything else which occurs to you later.

No idea about PACT sw.

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Parenting Assessment and Contact Team? maybe? Try googling 'what is PACT social worker children's services' or similar and have a look. Or Parents And Children Together?

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