Match ratified. It's FINALLY our time

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I've been lurking, occasionally posting, for the three years since I began the approval process.

Today our match with a 2 year old LB has been ratified and introductions start early January.

Lows of the process:

- having match get nearly to panel then fall through* after prepping birth daughter and her doing a show and tell in school (without our knowledge) everyone finding out. * The reason was awful, due to LO's health deteriorating.

- the time it took. We were approved November 2014 and it took a good year to get through approval process meaning it has taken 3 years to get to this point

- it's taken over our life, we've not been on holiday or planned much stuff due to lots of potential links along the way meaning timing was never right

However, here we are, finally! A last Christmas as a family of three and we can now get excited and prepare for his arrival properly. Apart from getting the room ready we've resisted getting anything and still won't go overboard but it will be nice to get a little outfit or two. He is LUSH.

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Oh that is wonderful news . Well done on hanging in there. So exciting. What a great new year you will have x

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Congratulations energy!! So glad you got your perfect match x x

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Congratulations! I know you've been through the mill to get to this point. Enjoy meeting your lo - make sure you're rested before intros x

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Congratulations, we were in the same position as yourselves, we were approved june 2014 and finally brought our little girl home on 1st September, it's been a long wait and now she's finally here.

M xx

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Congratulations! Great news, we were in the same position this time last year; now looking forward to our first Christmas as a family of four. Things have been tough, especially for our BC7 but we can now see the light and can't wait for 2017 when AO will be granted, children more settled and no more social worker visits!!!!

Wishing your family all the very best for 2017 xxx

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