Long term fostering

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We have been s/t foster carers for 11 years and have decided that now is the right time to become long term carers. We are not changing to long term with already placed with us children.

Can I ask how long any l/t carers waited to be matched and what the age ranges of children you were talked to about/placed with you were?

We would like a sibling group of 2/3 aged up to 12.

Any experience/advice very welcome.

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Hi cheese.

We are long term fc for an 11 yr old child who has been with us for 10 yrs now.

Cant really specifically answer your questions as he was placed whilst care proceedings took place and been here ever since so not sure i am much use but didnt want you to think you were being ignored on the adoption board.

There are other fc on here so hopefully someone more useful will come along !

For a bit more background are you la carers ? I would have thought you would wait less time that way and there always seems to be sibling groups in the system so hopefully you wont wait too long

I work for an agency myself and do know of a family with 3 siblings on a long term basis though they were all older on placement.

Anyway good luck and hope you are matched soon

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