kid of another origin or rather a kid of our own

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Hello everyone,

With my wife, we have an endless debate ... we think about adopting a child, but we do not agree on the origin of the kid. Should we adopt a kid of another origin or rather a kid of our own? Pardon me if I'm painfully direct. Thank you for your advice and opinions on the subject.

Gustavo Woltmann

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What do you mean? Origin? Country? Ethnicity? Why not adopt a child of your own ethnicity? Not quite understanding. Do you mean adopt or birth child?

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I'm assuming you mean of your own ethnicity? I suspect you might just have to be more flexible and open, as it will depend on which children are actually available once you come to that stage in the process. Social workers have in the past like to match, for example, Asian children with Asian parents - because the parents will be in a good place to help the children explore their own past with the benefit of their own experience. But I don't know is that's still the case. I think others may be able to advise you.

But as I say, just have a rough idea and keep an open mind.

Good luck!

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I think you could explore that issue as part of the assessment process but also when you consider applying for any children - it is one thing to think of as part of many - but it is about what your own background, experiences and skills mean you are able to offer any potential children - so it may be helpful to look at it that way

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I am a transracial adopter, I am white, he is dual heritage. Unless you are considering inter country adoption, its not that easy to do in the UK.

I did not however set out to adopt a child with a different heritage. However there are things in my background and experience which mean that I could meet this additional need.

What other origin are you thinking about? Why would you want to adopt a child with a different ethnicity?

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I pressume you mean colour? Most likely you'll be matched with a child of your own ethnicity. I have one child what is not caucasian but he came through intercountry adoption.

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