Interesting why this board was set up

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For years AUK members asked for this so they could raise awareness of the different experiences of adoption authorities around the country.

AUK always refused, saying they could be in a difficult position.

Now, AUK has set up this board because they are undertaking work on this subject.

Interesting that many of us were refused this in the past when we needed it!

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Dear Madrid

There has been a lot of change in recent years in the adoption landscape. Our influence and campaigning, representing the voice of adopters, has helped to make lasting change and we believe improvements albeit we will be monitoring closely to ensure they are. We’ve fed back the experiences members have shared with us over the years and are working to improve adopter experiences across the country. That has always been the case. Sometimes a forum is the right mechanism to do this and other times we gather evidence in other ways. We have recently created this board in order to gather evidence that can feed into a wider study about adopter experiences. We won’t be closing it once that work is complete and will continue to feed back as we’ve always done.

Although we aren’t necessarily able to intervene in individual cases, we do want to want to hear about adopters’ experiences with local authority adoption teams and adoption agencies. First hand experiences help us to illustrate the range of good experiences and those with room for improvement in our campaigning and influencing work.

Campaigning for adoptive families is at the heart of what we do, and these stories are invaluable in helping to raise awareness of the issues facing adoptive families.

All the best,

Adoption UK

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