How do you chose your adoption agency?

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Evening All,

So I signed up to this website about 10 minutes ago and in for a penny! I've been thinking about adoption for a couple of years now. And like most people, I thought I'd fall in love, get married, have twins (all those psychics I saw in my 20's said I'd have twins and I'm so tempted to contact them and ask for my money back!) but fate had a different plan for me and I'm starting my journey, on my own to become a Mum. I've had initial meetings with the local authority as well as an independent local charity run adoption agency and I have no idea which agency to go with. How do you know? And how do you decide? Or does it not make any difference at all? I liked both people I met with but both had differing views on adopting as a single parent.

1) Local authority said I could take 6 months off and go back to work as I work for myself & I work from home.

2) Independent agency said I should take a year off as my choice of child to adopt would be limited because I only wanted to take 6 months off and the social worker for the child up for adoption would favour a couple where one parent would be around full time for a year.

So I feel like I've stumbled at the first hurdle. So any advice or help would really be appreciated.

Thank you. x.

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Welcome to the forums and the world of adoption !

Short answer, go with the LA!!!

No need to worry on this one, child's social workers will choose on all sorts of criteria, just be clear what level of leave you are able to offer. Depending on how good a match in other ways will affect their decisions, length of time off is only one consideration. A friend of mine lost out on one match because she had to work, but the different match she got later was truly the right one for her.

Best Wishes for the future


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Hay I'm single as well I had this choice to make LA or VA both great but VA suits my needs better and gives lots support to singles look at what post adoption support u get from both what support they offer courses social and go with what feels right good luck

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Another single adopter here with similar story to yours. I went with the local authority and have had a very positive experience. You could check out their ofsted rating but from what you outline I would def choose the LA. It is LAs that are dealing with children in care (albeit they are different depts from adoption) and in my experience they look to family find in-house first. Go for it and good luck

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