hostility from members of the birth ethnic group?

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Our LO is from an ethnic minority which often (as other minorities, and with some good reason) resents that "their" children are adopted outside the community. At school, LO will likely meet other children from that minority, and possible be drawn to them and disclose his situation. While we are very open about his adoption and actively promote his ethnic./cultural background and identity, we are worried about possible negative reactions or even safeguarding risks. Every case is different, but I'd like to hear if anybody has any experience or advice to share.

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I have noticed that no-one has responded to your question.

We are a transracial family too. My children are never identified as members of the ethnicity they actually are, but very often people believe that they are from the same ethnicity as them (Latinamerican, Dual Heritage and several more). We have never had negative reactions. On the contrary, people are very friendly and positive about the fact they might be the same ethnicity.

We made contact with someone from my children's ethnicity - a complete stranger when I first contacted him - and he, too, has been nothing but positive and extremely supportive. My impression is that people are happy about the fact that our children now have a family which provides them with all the love and safety they need.

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do not wait for him to have these encounters you need to make connections yourself with people who share his heritage so you can introduce supportive people to him

for example I went to history and cooking classes to learn myself abut my kids heritage and from that met some people who were helpful

also as kids get older I offered an explanation which didn't mention adoption but this worked because my kids are dual heritage - so have a white Mum which could have been me and I said they could say their dad was from .... but they don't live with him anymore

just a thought


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