Fostering with one bc

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Does anyone have experience of fostering with one birth child aged 5 ? My motivation is partly that he has company and isn't the only child in the house, but also to do something really worthwhile with my life as you only have one life !

I asked my son what he thought about the idea, and he said he would be sad when the child left but it would be better than being on his own as its boring having no-one to play with.

This all probably sounds really naïve to some people, as the reality might be that the child(ren) might not be in a position to play with him, either the wrong age or in emotional turmoil a lot of the time.

Does anyone have any positive experiences of this ? I would love to hear them but I ought to hear the negative too if there is any.

Also would the ages of children we could foster be limited to under 5s because of the age of my son ?

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Most people with a BC that young start with under 2s (we did, our youngest was just turned 4 at approval). You do need to have a reasonable age gap between the established child in the house and the fosling, unless you are doing a kind of reverse of this ( a few do) and foster MUCH older kids, but people who do this tend to have a background in working with challenging teens. So in all honesty the child isn't going to be a play mate for your child and to be honest SS wouldn't be delighted with this as a motivation to foster as the reality is that the child will probably suck time and attention away from your BC.

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