fostering after adoption

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Hi looking for advice

we have a 51/2 year old adopted son he has been with us since he was 2 and he was in care from 5 months.he sort of understands about adoption he see his foster carer regular had is open to talk about it . But I'm not sure how he will cope with children going in and out . We have talked about and seems happy but not sure he understands.

I am looking for a change of job and have always looked and thought about fostering .

has anyone done this ?

Do you think it's to early for him should we wait till he's a bit older ?

After already going through the adoption posses would we have to start from the beginning or do they take that into consideration. ?

as I will be main career and hubby will be at work will he have to go through full posses?

Not that I'm doing it for the money but I don't understand how that side works it's reads that you get an allowed see for the child depending on age ? Then a another amount depending on level but it does not say how much ? But it all taken into account on your tax if the money is for the child then it's not yours ? Sorry I may be bein very thick ( which is normal lol ).

Sorry I may have more questions later, thanks for any advise . I will be ringing L ON Monday as information evenine in local area next week .


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On the practical side yes you will both have to go through the full approval process in order to foster and start from scratch like everybody else. Adoption not really taken into consideration in that regard. Tax wise you get your tax allowance as usual plus 10 000 on top to cover the child (for each one) so unless you have a v complex child you are unlikely to pay tax .Also you then get so much per week dependant on the age of the child. I think that is still how it works. My husband does all that! So somebody more financially minded will hopefully be along.

As for the impact on your lo it is hard to say as it depends on your childs temperament, issues etc and maybe the ages of children.

I have a friend with 2 adopted kids and she fosters babies as they love them and would be threatened (emotionally) by an older child demanding her attention. She has had no issues.

You can of course do long term fostering where the child lives with you throughout childhood to avoid comings and goings if that is right for you.

I have a long term foster child and an adopted child myself.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you want to know more regards wizzy

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Thank you not had time to reply .

sent hubby on work course with all the paper work lol

question from my mum . If we went out in the evening to cinema or meal extra could we use our parents, or use someone with a crb check . I normally use astutent from work I work in a preschool,

holidays we go abroad as we have family in different places. Do you book in advance or when you know you mat not have a child .as I would not want to disrupt the child to much espiacly if they are going to their forever home soon .

Hope that makes sense .

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We did it the other way round - we were foster carers who went on to adopt and we did a very much condensed approval process second time around....but the gap was only a couple of years and we had the same social worker each time.

We were asked if we would return to fostering having adopted, but I knew my limits and was like you concerned about the effect it would have on our kids (we adopted three).

If you are interested, find out more.....there is no obligation until you are well down the track.

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You have babysitters approved by whatever la or agency you work for . Basically a dbs (old crb new name) and a reference.

You cannot leave child with anyone else.

Children can go into respite with other fc if you dont want to take them with you but not ideal for a lo so would be best to take breaks between placements and go then.

Really fostering is v flexible and you only have to take a placement when you want to . X

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