Foster to adopt for older children

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Hi, a friend has asked me about 'foster to adopt' for older children - aged 5 or older. She wanted to know if there is such a scheme - I said that there is but usually for little ones rather than for older children. I said that I do know of children in long-term foster care whose foster carers had gone on to adopt them but I didn't know of f2a for older kiddies (they want a school-aged child).

It does sound a bit odd and I'm not sure if she's hoping to bypass the potentially long adoption wait (she's more a friend of a friend) by fostering - I'm actually worried she's viewing it almost as a 'try before you buy'. I have said this to our mutual friend but said that I'd ask anyway. Our mutual friend said she feels that if she does long-term fostering and falls in love with the child she would want to give them the stability of adoption.

I'm not judging and not really getting involved (although it sounds like she wants everything on her terms!) but I said I would ask - so does the f2a scheme apply to older children as well? Thanks!

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We did, but it wasn't planned that way....

We were initially approved as respite foster carers and took a number of children - "our three" came to us for a one off weekend, and then came back regularly for about a year - then they needed a permanent home and we decided to take them.

If she is trying to shortcut the system, then I'm not sure she is - the fostering approval process was just as involved as the adoption one, although I guess the adoption one was shortened and we skipped waiting for a match and introductions.


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Every child is foster to adopt, but than without the foster allowens. As after the child is placed it takes at least ? 3 months or so before you can apply for the adoption order. In this time you can easily pull out if you think you can not adopt this child.

I pressume you friend want to Foster first incase she does not like the child, or is afraid she can not manage the special needs, or is nervous about the commitment.

That's it, adoption is about commitment in the first place, nothing else, 100% commitment, than the long process of getting to know the child and maybe even love the child. Sometimes this process takes years especially when adopting older children.

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We F2A after being approved as adopters as a consequence of the child we was linked to having a foster career break down and the only other choice was another foster placement. The child was 7 and we was introduced as his parents from the start. We also was paid foster allowance while waiting for Adoption Matching panel.

Lots and lots of meeting but it worked great for us.

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