Foster to adopt with BC of age 4

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Hi all we are looking at the foster to adopt as we feel this is the best option for us. We wanted a young child and this is a way we can help a child from a young age and be part of there lives for ever hopefully. We are currently still in stage 1 we have been on the first day of training today. We have a 4 year old who starts school in September and we have talked about it to her. For the last year or so she has been asking if she can have a brother/sister and is desperate for a little person to be part of our family. I wanted to know if anyone had done foster to adopt with a BC and how did it affect them? Are there any success stories please? Are SW is very positive and said all the foster to adopt places she's has done have never gone back to birth parents/family. She said they only suggest Children for it that they are confident it will work with and a lot of work goes into making the decision that they should be fostered to adopt. Sorry for the long post your thoughts and stories are greatly appreciated many thanks.

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Hi, I have only registered on this site today but saw your post and thought I could share my views. We are coming into this backwards really, we have a birth daughter who is 6 1/2 and we have fostered for the last 4 years. We are now in the very early stages of adopting a child we have fostered from birth, which is not what we expected to be doing at all, we were content with our daughter and to share our home with children who needed it, to hopefully teach our daughter to be empathetic. The biggest advantage I have found is that before adoption came into the mix we have a good relationship with the birth mum & dad and they are both very supportive of us adopting their child and I feel confident it will make contact easier in the future, as we want an open adoption. Your daughter is the perfect age to start this journey, our daughter although she was distressed at the time previous children left, we talked openly about why it is was right for the children to go home etc we made it into a happy event and her sadness only lasted a short time. She is so delighted that she is getting a permanent sibling and they have had a sibling relationship since birth, which does not happen in very many adoptions. Children are so resilient. I would say go for it.

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