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Hi everyone, I am a single adopter and am at the very early stages of the process. I have my first phone call tomorrow , I'm already feeling nervous!

Can anyone give me any idea of what to expect of from the first telephone call , what will I be asked etc ? Xx

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Good luck. I am a single adopter but I think I had a visit rather than a tel call. At this stage, from memory, it was quite basic stuff - why do you want to adopt, what do you know about adoption, questions about how it would work logistically (given that you're single) in terms of taking time off work, finances etc plus your property - you obviously need space for a child. I think they then should describe the adoption process that they have. Am sure there was lots more but I have forgotten. Hope it goes well x

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Thank you for getting back to me West Gold , I have just finished the phone call , it went really well Smile . The social worker was really nice and she invited me to a information evening where I can make a registration of interest . That's one hurdle down ! How far are you along in the process if you don't mind me asking ? Xx

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Fantastic - and there are plenty of hurdles but there's something very satisfying about ticking each one off the list, knowing you're nearer the finish line. My LO has been with me two years so perhaps that makes me an old hand. Good luck

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I went onto stage one s/w did home visit loads forms fill out medicial that's costly u have pay dbs check agency paid for that. They ask you question about why u want to adopt look round your house u need to have it to good standered look at your home insurance car insurance boiler cover etc look at your work ask for 3 references from u ask how u look after child u do a family tree of support network ask questions what child u like to adopt ask u I u feel you could take children with additional needs. Stage one is heavy but sure it gets heavier as u go along.

I had to pull out for now as need to get house up tighter before I go into it again and sort out finances bit more hope it helps food luck

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