Fidget Cube

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Has anyone seen or tried one of these? I was looking up anxiety relief toys etc for ds to try and see if we can ease the tensing up all the time. I keep hearing he'all grow out of it or it doesn't sound like it's affecting him... friends have been making a fool of him so yeh I'd say it's affecting him!

These small cubes have buttons and clickers supposed to alleviate anxiety but I can't seem to find any reviews to work out if they actually do work. If anyone could share some anxiety busting techniques Used that would be really helpful. He goes to high school soon which is stressful enough. ... he clenches his fists and pushes them right up (slowly) into his face. Not punching just pushing and makes some odd facial expressions when he's tensed. When he goes there he can't seem to pull himself back out. When I catch him I try and say to him relax, hands down .. I can't be at school with him.

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It works well for some kids with sensory and anxiety issues, especially if they struggle with sitting still/fidgeting.

I bought one from Amazon for a few pounds and it helps my son - I'd give it a try....

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Thanks I've ordered two .. I figured he could leave one in his desk at school and I can tell the teachers although my only concern is it may be tlicky in class around other kids. Time will tell

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