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Was asked question by my.social worker while back and wasen't sure how to anwer I on paper I have dylexica so sometimes find it had to say what I need.to say on paper.

Anyway I'm RC religion no longer practing. But in future if I'm luck enough to have a child though adopting I like to raise them in RC faith. The s/worker asked me to write down what being RC means I'm struggling.with this as don't know what to say I was brought up in RC faith from baby. Any advice be aprated thanks

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Have a think about how you would explain your faith to someone of no faith. What does it mean to you? For me (not RC but christian) it was partly about belonging, having a sense of community and a support network both for me and for my child.

When I discussed my faith (I do attend church) with the social workers I was clear that my child would attend with me until such time as they were able to express their own choice after all my faith is just that "my" faith. Obviously I would hope that my child would want to continue to attend church but if they did not they that would be ok too.

I have found my church community to be hugely supportive and they have embraced both me and my child and been very encouraging and supportive. My child enjoys church at the moment and views our congregation almost as extended family which has really helped him settle and put down roots.

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As well as religeous observance its about your outlook on life - the principles which guide you - how you relate to other people - how you will bring up your children - it means different things to different people hence the need to ask the question. Would you consider church schools for example, confirmation, would you be happy for your child to mix with other religions - what are your view on multi faith dialogue?

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I know it's not always easy to put on paper but this is not something anyone else can answer, faith is such a personal journey it really needs to be what you believe, what guides you, how it impacts on your everyday life.

If you want your child to be involved are you planning to start going to church again? If so I would think about starting to go again now so that this can become part of your support network, if you are not planning to be actively involved then the question might be more about your principles and beliefs and possibly why you want them brought up RC if you are not practising yourself?

I was asked throughout the process how I would feel if child didn't want to go to church so be prepared for that being the next question Wink

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