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Hi, My AD is mixed ethnicity. BM is white British but BF is unknown so her ethnic mix is unknown. From her appearance her BF must have been black. I was just wondering if anyone else is in this situation? How did you respond to question from others about your child's ethnicity? Did you just form a set answer? Did your child get asked by other children about their ethnicity at school? How did you help prepare them for this? How did you go about exploring your child's cultural background without having clear knowledge of there ethnicity? These are all things I have thought about but I was just wondering about other people's thoughts and experiences? Thanks

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If I don't want to answer, I say "We are a very international family. We are ..." and then I list the 5 or 6 ethnicities/countries present in my extended family. By that time the other person has usually lost interest. If they keep on asking, I say "It is very complicated. I don't want to bore you." If you have that option, you could try that.

From my experience the easiest thing to do is to come up with a set answer for tricky questions and to give that each time. I have one thing I don't want to tell people and that I get asked by pretty much everyone. I have a response, which is friendly but slightly vague. It gives enough information to stop people from asking any further questions, but leaves room for interpretation. I would look for something like that. "Dual heritage" might be the answer, although some people might still ask for details. You could then say "European - African", if you feel comfortable doing so.

You can do genetic testing for ethnicity by the way. It is not particularly expensive (about 100 Pounds) and would give you some answers, but requires some thought of course.

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We just say our daughter Ii mixed raced and leave it at that I have had some people say oohs she's very dark to be mixed raced as if they are an authority on being mixed I do point out that mixed people come I all shades from DANE BOWERs to scary spice usually shuts people up

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Thanks, for your replies. I think having a set answer is definately the way to go. I looked into genetic testing a while ago but it seems to be quite imprecise at the moment although it is improving all the time so maybe something for the future. Thanks for the advice

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