Child-to-Parent Violence support group, starting in January 2018 (in both East and West London)

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Permission has been granted by Adption UK for PAC-UK to post the following request on our Forum:

Dear fellow adopters,

Just wanted to let you know about TWO Child-to-Parent violence & aggression support groups, both of which take place in London in January 2018 (one West in Ealing and one East in Stratford). The groups will be facilitated by two PAC-UK therapists, for the purpose of supporting adoptive parents who are struggling with child-to-parent violence and aggression in the home. It will run Wednesday mornings, between 10.15am and 13.15pm, from the 24th of January to the 21st of March.

The CPV group has been very successful, with parents going on to set up support groups for other parents in the same situation, and we are keen to make sure that adoptive parents who are dealing with these serious issues at home are given the chance to address them. We encourage couples to attend jointly, so they can be taught the principles and learn to apply them together. PAC-UK have put on quite a few of them, and they have been really successful, some say invaluable sources of support, in terms of learning strategies for dealing with violence & aggression in the home.

They are funded by the ASF, but social workers have to make applications for this. I am helping to put these on, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested or have any questions.

Thank you,

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