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Hi all. Hope someone can help as a bit worried. Basically the gp surgery rang to say that our recently adopted child has been deleted by the health authority and his nhs number frozen. I was aware of change of nhs number post ao and had even told the surgery about it myself but was met with blank stares and reassured that they dont do that now and we just needed to change his name!

Obviously i knew better but as the birth parents already know our address (we adopted fc) no real security issues so i was happy to go along with that.

Now he has been deleted (dont know what the official term is ) and has no nhs number at all as no new one has been issued!

This is a big problem as he has v complex life threatening disabilities and now we have no gp and no access to medications and vital medical equipment.

They are hoping to re register him without an nhs number tomorrow but the woman who is in the know is not there until tomorrow so they dont even know if they can do that.

So it is fingers crossed for no dramas tonight!!

Anyone got any words of wisdom please?

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Hi Wizzywoo

Don't panic!

Children are automatically issued with a new NHS number following the AO; it takes a little while to come through but you will be sent a card with their new name and NHS number on.

The "behind the scenes" functions for registration of new patients at surgeries have recently been centralised and turned upside down so it may take longer than it should do.

In the meantime I presume that you are registered at the same surgery? I would ask to speak to the Practice Manager there (or your usual GP if they're accessible) and explain the situation. Take a brief resume of the child's medical history, their new birth certificate (if you have it) and important things that they need to note and ask them to keep it on their new file (a paper file if needs be for the moment).

I would also ask them to set up a "Summary Care Record with additional information". This means that your child's medical history will be shared with other organisations such as NHS111 and your ambulance service as well as local hospitals so that they have the full information about your child in case of emergency. Otherwise, you may find that you are asked lots of questions by NHS111 for example which are irrelevant and may lead to the call handler making poor decisions (i.e. is your child talking? when they are non verbal).

I would also ask for a printout of your child's medical record under the previous NHS number. They should be able to provide this and if you have a copy it may help to answer questions in the future - when the NHS struggles to find the paper records (which go into central storage).

Please let me know if I can be of any more help. xx

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Thanks so much for your reply. I feel more reassured!

The good news is that as he has been with us for nearly 2 yrs in fc and i have everything in paper form as i kept a full medical file in case of this kind of thing.

I was thrown by the practice not having a clue how all this works and they are a bit panicked by it all . From what i understand a summary is carried forward but they dont know who does it which is hardly reassuring. To be honest it is going to be a big job for whoever does do it and i want to ensure they dont miss anything important that cant then be accessed.

Even sw didnt know what i was on about when i asked her about it! I think they need to improve the information given tbh.

Just one more question do you know if they can register your child without the number or not?

And thanks again.

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Yes, I'm pretty sure that they can.

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Thanks monkey magic that is v helpful xx

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