Can you adopt it you have agrophobier

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Hi I was wondering if anybody could help me, me and my partner would like to adopt but I worried we wouldn't get excepted as I have agrophobier Which mean that I am unable to leave my house.

I have a child already and my partner takes him to school and clubs e.g....

I was just if any one has the same as me (agrophobier) or if some has any information that could tell me if I would be elegable to adopt or not

Thank you x

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And I do all the inside things with my son x

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I think it might be a issue. If you can't leave the house how will you get through prep training, homestudy, introductions? You have to do prep training - it's not optional. They may want you to obtain additional childcare experience. Medical appointments post placement? Court day?

There will be many occasions when your presence will be required outside the home. So, yes, I do think it will be difficult if not impossible.

Are you getting help for your agoraphobia?

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To be honest, yes you will struggle to even get past the first hurdles. You need to attend training and preparation meetings, attend approval panel. When matched with a child there are lots of meetings with FCs, medical advisors, Social workers, matching panel, and then there are introductions. Your partner could not do all this on your behalf, you need to be a full participant

Sorry, not what you wanted to hear I know

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I see and yeah I'm getting help from many different people to try and get me out

My main problem is crowed places and open spaces

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To be honest I new that was going to be the awnser it just upsetting to no everyone said yu would but me in my heart new I would well hope full when I am better I could apply that way they would hope fully get accepted thank you both giving me a straight awnser means so much x

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I think if you are under treatment you would be better to focus on getting yourself well. the adoption process itself is very stressful which I'm guessing wouldn't help your condition.

In terms of hope for the future, I am not alone in adopting in my 40s, many adopters are 'older' for many reasons. I had to wait for a couple of years once I decided I wanted to adopt, to sort finances, house, job etc out.

If you really want to adopt I think you probably have lots of time. So maybe the answer is really, no not now, but maybe in a few years time.

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I'd see if you could find some outside help if I was you. Does your partner work? It's going to be difficult, because who would pick your child up from school, drop him off?

These things need to be taken in to consideration.

Do a Google search to see if you could see a therapist, one that does home visits, good luck anyway!

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This is another old thread?

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