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I have the following books available for free as they are no longer needed.

Attachment handbook for foster care & adoption BAAF

A child's journey through placement BAAF

The adopters handbook Amy Neil Salter

Big steps for little people Celia Foster

Attachment, trauma and resilience Kate Cairns

Parenting a child with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Dan Hughes

Loving & living with traumatised children Megan Hirst

Adopting a child BAAF

Why can't my child BEHAVE? Dr Amber Elliott

Parenting a child with Development Delay BAAF

Child Development - an illustrated guide Carolyn Meggitt

Collection only or pay for the postage. We estimate the postage to be approx £18.00

Available as a group of books not separate item.

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Hello. We're just starting out, and we're going for foster to adopt..

Would you suggest any of these for us.

I don't have much of a clue yet haha

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Hi, I've sent you a private message.


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We are currently going through PAR.

And I would love to be able to do some more deep reading in preparation.

Are these still available?



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