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Hi Guys,

I have started a blog about the adoption process my partner and I have been through. It's still in its infancy and it's my first blog so please go easy on me Wink

You can find the blog at https://supermanwasadoptedtoo.wordpress.com

Hope you enjoy reading.

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I enjoyed reading your blog! Good luck with your blog and your adoption journey! I also started my blog 6 months ago, to share our adoption journey and what have helped us during this journey. Please see www.pappastig.com We adopted a sibling group of 3 boys. I wish you and your partner all the best.

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Hallo DJ1427

Just read your blog and I enjoyed it.

You have a nice way of writing.


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Hey guys,

I have uploaded another post to our blog today. Go check it out if you fancy a read

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