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I am white British and we adopted 3 Africans. With 3 biological kids too the challenges r many. Living in uk so can b a minor struggle. Biggest problem is special needs in one who resents his life and is very negative.

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What is your question exactly?

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Hi Bedlam

Thanks for joining our forums. I'm sure you will find plenty of support on here and may also be able to share some of your experiences with other forum users.

Don't forget that Adoption UK also provide a helpline on 0844 848 7900 (Mon - Fri 10am to 4pm) if you want to speak to someone in person.

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hi! i don't know what are your problems,but i think you should feel blessed! your children (white,black,blue,green.... it doesn't matter!) are a joy for your family! maybe you feel stressed,i don't know.... but just think about the precious gift you had from life!

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Hi and welcome,

I'm afraid i dont subscribe to the 'should feel blessed for the gift' stuff, parenting adopted kids can be tough and some days it can be hard to feel remotely blessed.

We have three BC and one AC who was our foster child who was 'hard to place' due to health uncertainties but who has gone on to be fit as a flea and is rarely ever ill. He is mixed race but presents as white and we live in a predominantly white middle class area. It can feel challenging sometimes to keep his birth heritage relevant.

How have things gone for all your kids in managing racial issues and keeping their differing heritages relevant to their lives?

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just pointing out that this was posted in 2014

Anima, can I be blunt, if you continue writing like this you will start to offend people.

How do you know that the poster doesnt feel 'blessed' to have their children ? They can still have problems and find life very tough at times,

For what its worth, I do feel blessed to have my son, strangley enough his name means ' we are blessed'. I didnt feel particularly blessed on Tuesdsay when he was trying to land a punch. I dont feel blessed when I am waiting 5 weeks for a social worker to call me, or waiting a year for an appointment to get an assessment.

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