Atheist / Catholic couple - any advice?

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Hi there. Myself and my wife are about half way through stage two in the adoption process and one thing that I know that will eventually crop up in our Social Worker visits is the fact that I'm an Atheist and my wife is Catholic.

We've obviously discussed at length between each other about how we would educate any adopted child or children about religion but I'm interested to know if anyone has any advice about how to broach the subject of it with our Social Worker? We don't have a problem with it but I'm wondering if the Adoption panel and / or the Social workers would?

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I think it may possibly play in your favour, in that it proves you are tolerant. We are a Christian couple, and the question that always crops up is "how would you manage if your child grew up to reject your church, if your child grew up to be gay etc." (for the record we wouldn't mind either.) SWs want to be reassured that you are not going to be inflexibly strict about your belief system, and you can easily demonstrate that you won't be, since you are able to accept each other's different beliefs.

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On paper we are Catholic and Atheist. In real life we are both Atheist, but my husband had a catholic upbringing, has more patience with religion than me and has remained a member of the church. We were questioned about our beliefs and it was important that we were both open-minded about the paths our children would choose. Our children come from a Catholic background and currently one believes and the other doesn't.

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