Application turned down because of info disclosed by 3rd parties! Help... :(

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Hi all

I had been thinking of becoming a foster carer for a long time, prepared my home, did voluntary work, read books etc and finally approached my LA at the beginning of the year. They seemed alright with me, the home visit and three-day training they offered went well, they also accepted that I wanted to start off as a respite carer and gradually progress to a full-time carer. They started my checks and questioned a few things over the phone, nothing seemed to be a big issue.

Then I got a cheerful call from the social worker to update me on outstanding items and discuss me doing further voluntary work... only to receive a letter the next day, signed by that very same social worker, telling me that information disclosed by third parties meant they had to close my application!!

I am super shocked and so disappointed. There is no information whatsoever as to the nature of those disclosures, only a paragraph telling me how to appeal – but how can I give reasons for my appeal if I don't even know what I am being 'accused' of?!? I emailed the social worker asking for a call back and some explanations, no news so far. Surely they can't treat people like that???

Would any of you have some advice or information on what my rights are? At the end of the day, if for whatever reason they don't think I am suitable then so be it, but right now I can't see why and I keep wondering who might have made a deadly comment against me. It saddens me to think that someone who knows me well enough to talk about my ability to parent a child might have ruined my hopes to foster, perhaps spitefully. How can I find out what was said about me and get a chance to defend my position?

Thanks... So sad...

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I think you have the right to know why you are turned down, but not the source of that information if the source has requested anonymity.

write to the sw again, copy in the fostering manager and the area manager (your LA should have their names and contact details). you're right, how can you appeal the decision if you don't know the reason for it?

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