Age of Prospective BME Adoptors

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Hi, We are currently researching everything to do with adoption and wondered how LAs and VAs decide the age groups of children that they are willing to consider you for? I ask because as an 'older' couple(I'm over 50 years and partner is 62years), we would like to adopt a child in the age-range of 4-6 years. Is it true that if you are a BME couple seeking to adopt a child from a dual heritage background that there is some flexibility in terms of the age of the child you might be considered for? I know that it is also dependent on medical status and so on.

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Petty much there is felxabilty when LA need to place a hard to place child

There is a documentry called A MOTHER LIKE ALEX who is single and was quite old she originally wanted to adopt asingle healthy child she was turned down however when she approched the same LA to adopt a disabled child she ened up with 10 children.

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Hi one thing i would say because of your age (please dont take this the worng way) i wouldnt take to long to start the process

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Hi Fishwife, No, you're right-we can't afford to take too long, but we have been taking a break after gruelling 2 year failed ivf journey. But, we now feel ready to embark on the adoption journey and just deciding which LA-VA to go with.

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I was 50 and hubby 55 when our first adoptive child came to us. But he was 10 at the time and at that age children are considered very hard to place. I suspect it might be the same for you , as BME adopters, because of difficulty in finding enough adopters, but I really don't know for sure. I think you would have to ask VA or LA. Maybe it will also depend what children they have on their books so might be worth asking around a few agencies and La's. Two years later we were given our second child and he was 6 on placement, younger than we expected them to give us at our age, and I always felt he was placed with us because we had "proved ourselves" by coping with the older boy. They did approve us for age 2 upwards though, so age is not obviously. a major problem if they decide they need you!

Good luck !

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Hi Pingu123,

Thanks for your support.

We've contacted a few LAs and VAs and the general consensus seems to be that they would look at our circumstances and other criteria like health etc before deciding on the ages of children they might consider us for. But like you say, as there is a national shortage of BME adopters, they might be more flexible in terms of age.

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Just to add I am 49 dh 52 we had 3rd placed last year at 9months, sibling to number two.Its hard work, and a real challenge to marriage! But like they say if your profile fits you will have a match. Just now I feel my age like i never did before! Wouldnt c hange it for the world.I think the sw can tend to load your matches to kids with extra needs though when you're older. Good luck both.

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