Adoption chance with health conditions.

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I just wondered how many people are accepted as adopters and have disabilities or health conditions. I suffered a nasty virus a few years ago that left me with post viral fatigue, colitis and depressed. I took months offwork but got back to working part time 16 hours a week caring for children in a nursery. I'm on Anti depressants and medication for colitis. I have remained at a level for the last four years, say got back to 70% better of full health. How would this affect my chances of adopting? Any info would be great.

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Everyone is different and I think it will depend on how you can show the strategies you will put in to place when life with your child is good and bad and how you will deal with your own health on top of that. I have recently been approved to adopt as a single person with a disability (Scoliosis) so it is possible!!! I have been told however to brace myself for a long wait in finding a child as sw's will be cautious in placing a child with me as they will want to make sure I can cope physically. I have no problems with this as I will be asking myself the same question!!! I hope this helps x

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Hello yes we have adopted and I have a disabling condition and am now a wheelchair user.

Our adoptees are 19 & 17 now. I do think, fwiw adopters with disabilities/ disabling conditions are really suited I believe in many ways. We are used to thinking round situations working with impairment and dancing in the rain rather than waiting for the storm to pass. The stress of living with traumatised children has made my condition worse- it can be extreme especially in the teen years. Getting rock solid support- that's vital- something you've probably needed to do already.

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