Adoption Camping Weekend - Thankyou!

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Firstly apologies for the almost 2 month delay in posting this and secondly, as I'm not quite sure where to post this where it will be seen by all the relevant people, apologies for the multiple, duplicate posts...

I just want to say a GREAT BIG THANKYOU to GreySpeckledHen, Mr GSH and Teenage GSH for organising the brilliant camping weekend back in May and for making me and MrDee feel so very welcome. Massive thanks also to all the friendly adopters (and the older adoptees) for sharing their highs and lows with us and for all the great advice.

We were a little nervous about attending and, as prospective adopters, were a bit worried about being the only ones without children. To be fair, we were in the miniority but it really didn't matter and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I think we gained more from that weekend than we have from all the training sessions and reading we have done so far as part of the approval process. I also got the impression that we scored a few brownie points when we mentioned it to our social worker!

PS. Almost forgot to mention that it was also great fun and very good value for money :-) We are looking forward to next year's camp...

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Hi Wendy D and Mr D

How lovely of you to have taken the time to post this. My EJ (Eldest Jelly) asked me the other day whether you had decided to go ahead and adopt. I said I didn't know but that spending time with all of us would have helped, I was sure, to help you to make the right choice. So can I assume that given your thinking that you may return net yr, the answer I should give him is YES ? Feel free to private message me if you would prefer.

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