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We are quite a way along our adoption journey now; the matching panel is in 2 weeks. We have decided that we want to share our experiences, especially as we are in a quite a unique situation (work, our adoption agency etc).

Although we haven't started to write yet, we have drafted a Facebook blog page. Is this the best medium to use, or should we be looking at another blogging websites. Our draft page is: https://www.facebook.com/D1andD2/?ref=bookmarks

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Be careful what and how you write/ post ( especially as you say you are In quite a unique situation which will therefore make you more identifiable) because once you have children placed and later , you may have issues where privacy and security are particularly relevant.

Personally for those reasons I would go for a blog site such as on Wordpress or blogspot, as Facebook is fundamentally a very open system, harder to lock down if need be,

Best Wishes for the future

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I agree 100% with pingu123, don't make your adopted child identifiable to the public. You want to have the child's privacy at heart, just like writing letters to their birth mothers. You don't enclose your address and and the school they attend for

the child's safety.

Writing about the experience is fine, etc... but just be extra careful what you put in your blog!!!

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Thanks - the intention was always to be as anonymous as possible without disclosing any personal identifiable information about the children ourselves. You're both absolutely right and Facebook is not the way ahead for the blogg.

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Facebook is way too popular with people. WordPress is a good site to write a blog, some packages are free and some are not. To write a blog I'd guess the free one would be okay.

Good luck with your blog, nice to share your experience on Adoption. Probably help others who are wanting to go down the same route!!!

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To be honest I read some blogs of people adopting from the country I adopted from at the time I was in the process. I read the identifiable ones with pictures etc (usa), never anominous ones, they're not that interesting. I notice as well that loads of people start but run out of subjects to write about after a few posts. There is not that much you can write truly anonimous about. Even on this board, I bet most people with over 1000 posts can be indentified including myself by someone who makes that their mission. As in every post you write one little detail, search a name, write all those details on a paper and start searching. Most birth. parents are unlikely but social workers, could easily.

Just my take on blogs.

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I agree - if you know something about that person - if you are in their area for example - you know enough to identify them if you meet them or if they are known personally too you. If you suspect - (and want to know for any reason!) - you can bring up all their old posts (I believe) and search through for evidence! Been watching too many TV police dramas I think! That's just on these boards - so a blog would be much more identifying as people here are making efforts not to be - but when you are open and honest you end up revealing quite a lot

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