Adopting children from an Asian background

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We have just started the process and currently attending workshops this week. We've had our checks and medicals, so am assuming attending the workshops is the final thing to tick off for Stage 1?

Anyway, we are Asian and hoping adopt a child from an Asian background as well. Does anyone have any information/stats about adopting Asian children in the UK? There seems to be a shortage of info on the internet :-(

Thanks so much in advance and any stories/info/advice - anything! - would be welcome :-)

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Not sure what your question is really, you would be approved like any other adopter but just looking to be matched with a child of an appropriate ethnic background. So not sure what specific info you're looking for.

By the way, trans racial/ cultural adoption usually refers to someone like me who has adopted a child with a different ethnicity, I'm white British, my son is white British/African. You might be be better posting on the BME adopters board. I understand there is a shortage of Asian and other ethnic minority adopters so I would imagine you would be in demand by a those LAs with large Asian populations. Good luck

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Hi There,

No stats, but contact with a lot of adopters in your position. Of the Asian families we know who have adopted, they have all had children with some Asian heritage placed with them- We know a Muslim adopter who has a girl with Muslim heritage, an Indian Hindu/ White British couple, who have an Asian girl with a Muslim grandparent, and a Hindu Indian / White British family who are likely to have a Sikh child placed with them. I'm sure the chances of being placed with a child of Asian heritage are good - a religious match might be less likely, but would of course depend on your views

Hope that is helpful

Good Luck

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