Adopted young adult living at home

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I am interested in making contact with others who have young adult children living at home. We aren't having huge problems at the moment (lucky us) but our youngster still has a lot of growing up to do - and we are still doing a lot of parenting. The gulf between me and parents of most other youngsters the same age seems even wider than during the school years.

Anyone else out there in the same boat?

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There are quite a few adopter's with young adults, if you read the posts on this part of the forum you'll no doubt get some idea of the problems faced and how they differ from 'normal' young adults.

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The potato group is mentioned quite often on here (for parents on adopted teens).

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Thanks Scafell. It looks like a really useful group - although it seems their challenges are greater than mine at present so they might wonder what on earth I am concerned about! Am joining anyway.

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Don't worry about only having 'minor' issues. Any issue is good enough to join as though I am not a regular member, I think I can say that the potato group believe prevention is better than cure, so if we/they can help you avoid the stuff we/they've been through, we/they will be more than happy.

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Hi there. My adopted children are 18 and 20. The 18 year old is doing amazingly well ... suddenly . My 20 year son seems to be doing well on the surface ...he has a job, is popular, very good social skills and quite bright (after years of getting in trouble with police, stealing from us etc - he doesn't get into trouble with police now). However he is appalling with money and I really worry how he will every manage in the future. He wants to be independent but infact he doesn't have a clue. I worry about his expectations of the world and his feeling of entitlement is wrong. Also I know he gets into debt and comes to us to help him when he is at crisis point.

I don't worry to much about other parents. We have quite a few friends with tricky teens ... mostly adopted.

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