24 hours in a&e

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There's a new programme on St George's Hosp been on tonight in the 24 hrs series

I did cry a bit at tonight's

There was a lovely Canadian (?) couple and their son with severe epilepsy and related learning disability

They talked to camera about hoping that one day he might catch up

Feeling hope

Only to realise with a crash he's just not able to progress and catch up

Also explained that they felt jealous of other parents of 'normal' kids

Finally talked about how lovely it's become to celebrate happiness

How much more caring, open and knowledgeable they'd become as people

Whereas many have been driven apart by the enormous pressure they are closer than ever

I reflected that felt so much like our adoption of our traumatised adopted teens

We thought we had 2 un effected young ones once

How over the years that gap seems more marked in society terms

wondered if anyone picked up on the similar emotional journey

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didnt see, but totally get your point. xx

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I watched it, Pear Tree. I too was very touched by the parents you have mentioned. And how amazing they were - their love for their son shone through. It was very close to home for me though.......

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Yes, we had similar thoughts and feelings.

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