Children Who Wait

Having been approved to adopt, the waiting that follows being matched with a child can be frustrating.

However, one of the things you can do is to become a member of Adoption UK to keep up to date with adoption and parenting matters and subscribe to Children Who Wait, our family-finding service.

We work closely with local authorities across the UK; helping them to match children and prospective adopters by featuring profiles in Children Who Wait of the many children waiting to find their 'forever homes'.

Cover of 'children who wait' Children Who Wait magazine is automatically sent out to subscribing members each month. It is complemented by the online version of the service which contains additional information about the children, extra photographs and, often, video clips. Children Who Wait online also regularly includes profiles of children who do not feature in the printed magazine.


The online Children Who Wait service allows prospective adopters to submit an enquiry directly to the child's social worker. Each profile in Children Who Wait magazine includes a unique reference number so that you can request the contact details of the referring agency. Prospective adopters can then make contact with a child's social worker directly by email or by telephone.

To access Children Who Wait 

If you are a member of Adoption UK who subscribes to Children Who Wait, your magazine will automatically arrive in the post each month but for online access you will first need to register on the website and then login to access Children Who Wait online.

To join Adoption UK and subscribe to Children Who Wait, or to upgrade your existing membership to include access, call us today on 01295 752240 or email membership@adoptionuk.org.uk

To feature in Children Who Wait

If you are a social worker you can feature children that you are family-finding for. You can access more information or find out how to feature in Children Who Wait here or alternatively please call us on 01295 752961.