Social work student Vicky McMillan recently completed a placement with Adoption UK. During her time with us, she created a survey that asked people what they thought of the services offered by Adoption UK in Scotland and what they would like to see more of. Vicky sent her survey out via social media. Here are the results. 

How would you rate the quality of the service you have received from Adoption UK?

Average is 9/10

Which service(s) have you previously used?

Helpline Service –58%

Sleep Workshops –8%

Educational Events –67%

Facebook –67%

Family Activity Days –75%

Volunteer Support Group – 33%

Library – 25%

Website – 50%

Newsletter – 67%

Free information – 17%

Other – 25%

Other included NVR training  and Dad’s group

Can you suggest any other service Adoption UK could provide?

  • Community Buddies
  • Education support rights
  • Information about legal rights post adoption. Information about services and resources that could meet needs when families are struggling. Information about charity support for families, such as funding grants for education etc.
  • Keep pressure on the politicians and others to improve support for adoptive families.
  • Respite care

In your own words, what do you find most useful about Adoption UK?

  • Support when there is very little out there. People that understand and want to help.
  • Knowing you are not alone, doing this.
  • Inclusion and practical acceptance
  • Chance for adopters and their children to link up and share common experiences.
  • Understanding of needs friendly inclusive
  • Having people to talk to who understand, as they are adopters too.
  • Peer support for us and our kids
  • The fact we are together with others who are in the same situation and therefore understand. Also, I value the friendships made.
  • The staff are very approachable
  • Just being there when needed and understanding the issues of adoption
  • Information that is relevant to my family’s circumstances.


Overall, the results from this survey show the most used and helpful services AUK offer are: education events and training, the newsletter, Facebook updates, family activity days and the helpline. Recommendations for other forms of help and services that could be provided by AUK were information on legal rights, educational rights and information on available support for adoptive families. Going forward and for future post and updates the survey expresses a need for more knowledge on rights and available support out there.

The feedback on the survey has expressed the peer support provided by AUK is invaluable; it makes individuals feel included, understood and not alone. This is particularly expressed in moments of difficulties and crises. The practical and emotional support AUK offers is valued and beneficial to many. AUK offers the opportunity to meet new people and build a network of friends who understand the adoption process. This can be through training events, fun dad support groups and well-organised family activity days.  Keep up the fantastic, personal and life changing work.