If you are approved prospective adopters and you've been waiting some time for a match, there are several ways you can improve your chances of finding your future child.

Something a bit different

Another, more proactive, way, which has worked for some families, is promoting yourselves with flyers.

This involves putting information about you, what you can offer a prospective child and what you are looking for, on an eye-catching flyer and sending it out to agencies.

It's best to keep the information short and sweet:

  • Stick to one side of A4
  • Make sure you provide your contact details AND your social worker's.
  • Include a recent photograph.

How would it work?

Here's a sample of the sort of text to include in your flyer:

Approved for Adoption

Jack (38) and Jill (36) live in Fakenhill, Sampleshire. We have a three-bedroom home with a garden.

Approved for one or two children aged 3-6 years old.

We have an active lifestyle which we look forward to sharing with children. We enjoy hill walking with our King Charles spaniel, line dancing and volunteering for St John's Ambulance.

As regular churchgoers, we have a readymade support network which would offer a welcoming community for children to be part of.

We enjoy spending time with children and young people, particularly our young nieces and nephews, and they seem to enjoy spending time with us! We believe we have a lot to offer as parents and look forward to sharing our lives with a child or children.

Specific Matching Considerations:

We could not accept a child with:

  • Down's syndrome
  • Severe learning difficulties
  • Severe attachment disorders
  • Displaying sexualised behaviour.

In all other respects we have either ticked yes or limited.

We would accept a sibling group.

Jill is white European; Jack is mixed race with a Jamaican mother and a Scottish father.

Jill is an experienced teacher who has worked closely with children with learning disabilities. Jack has a younger brother who was adopted, so has a good understanding of adoption issues.

We are very open to all forms of contact in the appropriate circumstances.

If you feel your agency has any suitable children please contact us on [email protected] or our link worker:

Jenny Pretend ([email protected])

Sampleshire Adoption and Fostering Services, Fakenhill

0198 223671

Thank you for taking the time to read our details


If you are concerned about how your matching process is going, why not why not contact our Helpline who will be happy to talk over the issue with you.

Alternatively, check out our Forums to share with other adoptive parents: Forum