I’m nine-years-old and I’ve got four younger sisters who all live with other adoptive families.

I was adopted alone but I’ve got an older brother who was adopted from an orphanage in Morocco.

I was put into foster care at three weeks-old because my birth mum couldn’t look after me as she wasn’t very well.

I went to live with my forever mum and dad just before I was one so I can’t really remember living with anyone else before that – only when I look at pictures! Then I can sort of remember.

I love my family…my mum, dad, my brother Sam and my cat Oreo!  They’re the best!

Sometimes I get really angry - especially when I think people are teasing me. I find it hard to trust new people and I worry a lot about what people think of me. I don’t like to do things in front of people as it makes me really scared. Mummy said I need to trust that people want to help me.

I have struggled at school a lot, especially with all the work. But now I am at a new school where all the children are more like me. That makes me feel better and I can learn now because I’m not scared to speak out.

I trust my teacher and my new friends to help me and I’m now learning. I’m good at lots of things and now finally I like maths!

I’m like all other nine-year-old girls, it just takes me longer to learn things and sometimes I don’t understand things straight away, but mummy says that’s fine and I know I’ll be OK because mummy said I’m doing great.

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