How did you become involved with adoption and Adoption UK? 

When I met my now-husband in 2008 I knew he was a committed ‘no-family’ man but with the support of an enthusiastic Mother-in-law and slow determination we adopted our son in 2015. Since he came to us we’ve ‘consumed’ many post-adoption services including PAS, Virtual Schools, Therapeutic services, SALT, OD, EHCP and we now have some knowledge of the challenges (and the many abbreviations!). I come from a generation of gay men for whom having a family was largely unthinkable and so changes in legislation and attitude opened up new doors which made the unthinkable thinkable. We signed up with AUK early in the adoption process to access their forums and understand the experience of adoptive parents and have stayed since.

Any specific skills or areas of expertise relevant to the work of Adoption UK? 

I’ve spent most of my professional life growing technology businesses, and my particular strengths lie in strategic Marketing and Sales. I like to think that these skills will be come in good stead in my role as a Trustee in helping support work around membership engagement and organisational strategy. My experience as a two-Dad family will also hopefully bring some value on the AUK Trustee board

How do you want to see Adoption UK develop over the next five years? 

I am a firm believer that to make the biggest differences to the lives of adoptive families AdoptionUK needs to focus on fearless campaigning. Being an adoptive parent is not easy, and often requires us to each campaign on our child’s behalf – AUK should be one step ahead of us in leading the way by demanding the changes that we need to help our children succeed to help smoothe our paths. I also believe we have a role to represent families who have other forms of permanence – including long-term fostering, kinship carers and SGOs - and who will also need to find ways of dealing with the effects of trauma and separation.  As a Trustee I see my job as helping to ensure we stay independent, unaligned (expect to adoptive families) and fearless.