How did you become involved with adoption and Adoption UK?

I am a solicitor who does a lot of work with birth families and adopters and I have become increasingly interested in how we support children moving into adoption, and their parents. I deal with care proceedings every day and see in great detail the difficult start that so many adopted children have and I cannot understand why these children and their adoptive families are not given every available resource to assist them.

As a national organisation with a big voice Adoption UK is perfectly placed to lobby for the support these kids need and support their families and I am excited to be a part of that.

Any specific skills or areas of expertise relevant to the work of Adoption UK? 

I have been a solicitor dealing with family law since 2002 and I bring to Adoption UK knowledge about the legal system, and access to the judiciary and other professionals involved in family justice. Family courts can be private places and as a consequence there are many misunderstandings about family justice in the public arena. I hope it will be very helpful to Adoption UK to have a trustee who has been in this system for so long.

How do you want to see Adoption UK develop over the next five years? 

I would like Adoption UK membership to be essential for every adopter or prospective adopter. With that growth in membership our voice will grow stronger and we will continue to select carefully which areas to concentrate on. I am especially pleased to join Adoption UK at a time when we are focusing on support in education and giving adopted children an equal chance in schools.