Articles in the December 2018 AT:

  • Searching for answers
    Adoptive mum Regina explains how life unravelled when her teenage daughter
    unexpectedly made contact with her birth family.

  • We wish you a merry Christmas
    The Christmas holiday period can be a stressful time for any family. The excitement and expectation can
    be overwhelming and adopted children can also struggle with loss of routine, too much stimulation and
    emotional triggers from the past. Here are ways to help everyone through the festive season.

  • Send it all off in a letter to you
    Writing to your child’s birth family can be very tough. Letterbox contact is often stipulated at the point of adoption, but is not a legal obligation unless included in a placement order. Handled in the right way, it can really help a child understand their life journey. Here, some adopters and an adoptee talk about their experiences.

  • Working hard for you
    You might be forgiven for thinking that politicians are so preoccupied with Brexit that there’s no room for our
    issues on their agenda. It certainly isn’t the easiest lobbying environment, but we’ve taken every opportunity to keep adoption on their minds. Our most powerful advocacy is when decision makers hear directly from adopters.

  • Doing it differently: homework 
    Many children struggle with homework. It can be extra stressful for children who have special
    educational needs or an internal working model which tells them they should expect to fail. Psychologist Helen Freake has some ways to take the pain out of homework.

  • Autism in adopted children
    Autism and attachment issues can appear very similar and are sometimes confused. In an extract
    from their new book, psychologists Dr Katie Hunt and Dr Helen Rodwell give advice to parents.

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