The Family Support Service for agencies

Helping to make adoptions work

The Family Support Service can offer information and support in the early stages or intervene when things are getting tough and families face disruption.

Parent Consultants

If things are really tough, our Parent Consultants can provide families with that extra level of support. Trained by Family Futures Consortium in 'Adoption and Attachment', they can help parents understand the links between their child’s early history and their behaviour.

The Helpline

Find out more about the Helpline.

Supporting agencies as well as families

We recognise that some situations that parents face are emotionally charged and that it’s not always easy for an agency to manage support for parents in addition to the needs of the children.

Our Family Support Service can provide a valuable link and where necessary provide mediation if relationships have broken down.

What makes our support unique is that we are able to help children by supporting the parents who are key to the child’s recovery.

Referring families to Parent Consultants

A unit of support (six, 45-minute telephone sessions with a Parent Consultant) costs £749. Once the referral has been received, we will speak to the family and assess the level of support required. We will then link the family with with a Parent Consultant, dependent on their needs.

Referral Form

To refer a family to the Family Support Service, please download and complete a referral form and return it to us by post or by email.