An 8 week course on Thursdays 7pm - 8.30pm. Starting on Thursday 2nd March and the last session on Thursday 20th April.

Violent and aggressive behaviours are difficult for children and parents and carers to cope with and can have a huge impact on the success of adoptive and foster families. Our supportive peer learning programme will help you develop an understanding of the roots of violent behaviour, establish strategies to avoid conflict and de-escalate and achieve a more harmonious and connected family life.

By the end of the course participants, supported by the trainer, will aim to have:

  • develop an understanding of what may be causing aggressive and violent behaviour
  • appreciate why this is not a quick behaviour management fix
  • understand the benefits of a therapeutic approach to parenting
  • increase your understanding of your own triggers and the part they may be playing
  • identify what support you need from (and can give to) other parents and carers on the course and in other forums
  • work out how best to take care of your yourself and the importance of doing so.

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Managing anger and aggression

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