There are an intrepid bunch of fearless  fundraisers who are taking on a personal challenge of mammoth proportions. 

Adoption UK are very lucky to have a team of runners tackling the full Virtual Virgin London Marathon, each completing 26.2miles on 3rd October. 

In addition to this, there is a growing collective of merry marauders who are going to take part in a virtual relay - running, walking, jumping, cycling, scootering, cartwheeling.... (you get the picture) and seeing how many full marathon distances they can complete together. 

Here we are going to showcase some of these amazing individuals and link to their respective fundraising pages - You don't have to do any running / walking / cycling etc yourself (although you're always welcome to) - but if you could spare a couple of pounds in sponsorship - then please visit one of their fundraising pages, anyone of them would really appreciate the motivation! 

Meet Clare and Lydia: 

Clare and Lydia are masterminding the collective marathon relay team, they are both regular runners at things like Parkrun. They have been the driving force behind recruiting a team of willing participants to give up time and energy on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd October to take part in this event and raise much needed funds for Adoption UK. 

Clare explains what is going on: "Running over 26 miles is far too far for the majority of us and that is where the idea for a team event came about.

We would love you to be part of our VLM team event for Adoption UK. It is a fully inclusive event that everyone is very welcome to take part in and complete as much or as little distance as you choose.

The millage will all be added up to see how far we have collectively travelled and best of all, you can do it from your own home area.

We would love to see your photos and share them. The photos could be of your feet, a tree you pass on your walk or the bike you have ridden. You may decide to complete it wearing fancy dress... (please do! We love a good outfit!)"

Clare's fundraising page can be found here, you can use this or set up your own  - Clare Tyler is fundraising for Adoption UK (

So if you want to join in - here's what you need to do: Over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd October, complete your distance, take any photos you are happy for us to share and email [email protected] with your name, mileage and photos.

We can’t wait to see how far Team Adoption UK can travel.


Meet Rob: 

Rob is Adoption UK's Director of Membership, and has been training for the full Virtual Virgin London Marathon since 1st January 2021, as part of his crazy mega running challenge, which has seen him complete a 10km run every week for the whole year, without a week's break.

Rob has never ran a marathon before, but he has said: "I'm really looking forward to the challenge of the distance, as a virtual event it is going to be weird running such a long distance on my own, with no crowd or water stations... but I'm so determined to complete the distance!"

Rob's fundraising page is available to view and add a donation if you'd like here:  



Louise (Lou) Madeley:

LOUISE MADELEY is fundraising for Adoption UK ( -

Louise is a nurse manager for Wrekin college medical centre, she has 2 adopted sons aged 5 and 7 who are her world! She has never done a marathon, but after returning to the nhs to pick up the pace in ITU, and losing so many patients, she felt like she needed to reaffirm life by fundraising and giving something of herself to adoption uk who, she said: "keep me afloat with my little family during these difficult times! I also need an ultimate goal to train and get back into running again!"


Alex & Adam Blinkhorne:

Alexandra and Adam is fundraising for Adoption UK ( - This pair will be sharing their running journey on Parent by Heart (Facebook #adoptionparentsbyheart; Twitter: @ParentsBy) and on their blog page which is the Babytism of Fire.


Helen Jenkins:

Helen has recently adopted and would love to raise some money for adoption UK. She has previously ran in 2019 raising £3k for a local hospice.


Annette King: 

Annette's sister Rosalyn Hewer has adopted 2 boys who bring great joy to their entire family. Annette said: "It would be an honour and a privilege to give something back to your very worthy charity. I am running my first Marathon in Brighton this year but have been running shorter distances for several years."


Emma Smith:

Virgin Money Giving | virtual london marathon - Emma has done a lot of races in the past including half marathons but never had the chance to run in a Marathon. During the latest lockdown she has been off on Adoption leave as their son came home just before Christmas, running is downtime & she has absolutely loved it. "I try to get out running 4 or 5 times a week and I've been completing running challenges each week virtually with colleagues at work too." 


Sarah Clutton: 

Sarah has ran an actual Marathon previously, she has also recently started an Adoption Blog on Instagram and Facebook. 


Katie Atkinson:

Katie would like to fundraise for Adoption UK, having adopted their youngest daughter in December 2019, she said that Adoption UK has been invaluable: "We've accessed so many training and webinar opportunities that have been incredibly useful. Our daughter is awaiting an FASD diagnosis and your work with FASD charities has been so helpful for us and made us feel we are less alone. I'd love to help contribute to supporting more families like us in the future."


Katherine Lynch: Katherine and her husband are currently going through the adoption process and she’d love to raise some money for Adoption UK: "It would be my first marathon but I have completed half marathons in the past."