2013 press releases

24.12.13 - Adoption UK's response to new adoption maps

27.11.2013 - Adoptions in Northern Ireland rise by 46 per cent

27.11.2013 - One in five adoptive families let down by the system

01.10.2013 - Adoption UK's response to Pupil Premium extension to adopted children

01.10.2013 - Sisters put their best foot forward for Adoption UK

26.9.2013 - Adoption UK statement on 2013 looked after children and adoption figures 

11.09.13 - Adoption UK's response to National Adoption Support Fund

20.08.13 - Adoption UK statement on new Office of National Statistics adoption figures 

08.08.2013 - £16m funding boost for search for adopters

17.07.13 - Adoptive parents to benefit from new funding

01.07.13 - Adoption UK’s response to new customer care standards for adopters

03.05.13 - Adoption UK response to new adoption Passport to Support