Children's commissioners from all four nations speak to Adoption UK

In December 2017, Adoption UK spoke with the children's commissioners for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Common themes that arose included ensuring services meet the standards of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, listening to the voices of children and ensuring the right support is available in school for adoptees. 

More specifically, Anne Longfield OBE (top right), the Children's Commissioner for England, stressed the need to remove potential barriers to adopted children's educational achievement and to invest in mental health support for these children.

While Koulla Yiasouma (bottom right), Children and Young People's Commissioner for Northern Ireland, focused on the need for improvements in children and adolescent mental health services and the importance of support to prevent disruption. 

Bruce Adamson (bottom left), Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland, highlighted the fact that the complex needs of adoptees do not vanish once the adoption process has concluded and that it is the job of the state to support families. 

Finally, Sally Holland (top left), Children's Commissioner for Wales, praised Adoption UK Cymru's work in schools and discusses sibling groups.