Children Who Wait

To view Children Who Wait profiles
Children Who Wait is only available to  Family-Finding Members and Agency Members of Adoption UK.
If you are already a Family-Finding or Agency member of Adoption UK, your Children Who Wait magazine(s) will arrive in the post each month.  To view online profiles, ensure you have completed a registration on this website and are logged in, then follow the blue ‘PROFILES’  button which will appear above. Please note, there may be a small delay in submitting your website registration and this being matched to your membership access level. Thank you in advance for your patience.
To become a Family-Finding or Agency member,  visit our membership pages today for  instructions on how to join us.  If you are a Family Member of Adoption UK and wish to upgrade to Family-Finding membership, please contact us on 01295 752240.
For local authority social workers: match children quickly by featuring profiles in Children Who Wait
Placing profiles of children you are family-finding for, in Children Who Wait,  enables you to securely connect with a UK-wide community of prospective adopters as well as other placing agencies, and can help speed up the matching process.
Whereas both member and non-member agencies can place profiles in Children Who Wait,  Agency members are granted full access to theChildren Who Wait service as well as significant discounts on placing profiles. For more information on placing profiles in Children Who Wait, call us today on 01295 752961 or contact [email protected]