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Adoption UK is campaigning to give every adopted child an equal chance in school.

In 2016, Adoption UK launched a campaign to ‘make every school attachment-aware’. The aim of the campaign was to provide all school leaders and teachers with practical strategies, access to training, and a network of support through Adoption UK’s schools’ membership programme.

The campaign is now changing gear, with a focus on achieving systemic change. We want to change the things that are preventing schools from giving adopted children the same chances as their peers.

As things stand, adopted children do not have an equal chance in school. They are disadvantaged by their trauma, and then disadvantaged in schools that are struggling to understand and meet their needs. They struggle more in school and achieve less than their classmates. Many are failing academically and their behaviour is often disrupting school life for everyone. This is bad news for these children, their families and the schools they attend.

When schools prioritise the needs of adopted children, it benefits every child suffering from the effects of trauma or adverse childhood experiences, and creates calmer, more productive classrooms for every child.

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Watch our schools development officer, Becky White, discussing the challenges adopted children face in education on the BBC's The One Show