Broadcast legend Nicky Campbell becomes Adoption UK ambassador

Nicky CampbellAdoption UK is proud to announce that Nicky Campbell OBE has become an ambassador for the charity.

The television and radio presenter recognises the experiences of children who are adopted today are completely different to those from a previous generation, which is why he is keen to work with Adoption UK. 

Nicky said: “A lot of people recognise me as co-presenting ITV’s Long Lost Family which reunites relatives after years of separation. But these ‘happy ever after’ stories of adoptees being reunited with their birth parents will only become rarer and rarer. This is because very few children are put up for adoption today because of a stigma of being born out-of-wedlock, for instance. Most will have come instead from a background of abuse and/or neglect.”

Nicky, who was adopted as a baby, continued: “Adoption has changed dramatically since I was adopted which is why I want to champion Adoption UK’s campaigns and help to persuade decision-makers across the UK to give all adoptive families the right to timely and appropriate support.

“I know how adoption can be a hugely transformative experience for both children and their families. I’m incredibly grateful to my adoptive parents who selflessly took me in as their own and provided a loving and stable family home.”

The BBC Radio 5 Live breakfast show presenter added: “Adoptive parents are unsung heroes who should be lauded for providing better life chances for some of society’s most vulnerable and damaged children.”

With three decades of broadcast experience, Nicky has become a fixture on the UK’s radio waves and he’s a familiar face on television having also hosted Wheel of Fortune, Watchdog and Top of the Pops. He also fronted the ITV series Wanted: A Family Of My Own, in which he spoke about his adoptive mother, saying: “I was adopted at six weeks and as she (Sheila) always said, ‘It was meant to be’. She is my real mum. She isn’t my birth mum but she is my real mum. That is my truth and the magical essence of adoption.”

Adoption UK’s chief executive Hugh Thornbery CBE said: “Nicky’s passionate about adoption so we’re delighted to have him onboard as an ambassador. He’s tirelessly promoted adoption, thereby helping some of the most vulnerable children in society. This was recognised when he was made an OBE.”

Adoption UK is the biggest adoption support charity in the country, providing awareness and understanding for those parenting or supporting children who cannot live with their birth parents. The charity’s purpose is to give voice to adoptive families and to ensure that the right support is there for them.

Anyone experiencing difficulties is urged to become a member of Adoption UK and contact our helpline on 0844 848 7900 or by emailing helpdesk@adoptionuk.org.uk