The Waiting Game........

Published: 15.03.14 by ACWestMidlands

The Waiting Game……

So far this is the worst part of the process.

I’ll get you up to speed with where we are, there are three of us so far me, hubby and birth child. Our magic number was five, two birth children and adopt our third but this isn’t happening for us so as we’re not getting any younger we attended an adoption information evening in our local area to get the ball rolling. Ball rolling!!

Once we had the green light to go it became clear that this was going to happen quickly, fellow adopters had warned us that it would take two years to be assessed but we’re one of the first after the government changes to speed up the process, our experience has been very intense and very fast! From enquiry to panel approval has taken us 5 months.

The social worker for the home assessment was great because let’s face it, it’s difficult to reflect over your life and analyse yourself and your parenting style and she really helped us with this. Once this part is over it’s panel, I won’t sugar coat it I found panel ridiculously nerve wracking. I’m a pretty confident speaker in groups having done so in a work environment for years, this is so different, you know that everyone on the panel has read a report about your life and is making a judgement about you, we got a unanimous recommendation to adopt and this is where you find us now….waiting!

We’ve had a call from our authority to say that the decision maker has approved the recommendation and we’ve been allocated a link worker, this was two weeks ago.

We know that there will be a handover from our assessment social worker to our new link worker in the next few weeks but after the speed of the assessment you naturally assume that the momentum will continue. I think it’s the unknown aspect really, we know the next phase is matching but not an awful lot of what that entails. Hubby’s very good and not worrying about the what next but I’ve started running to clear my mind a bit as it’s full! Full of the normal day to day family stuff and work but the thought that I can’t get out of my head that there’s a little girl out there somewhere who’s just like us waiting……