Overwhelmed by books

Published: 11.05.14 by SingleAdopter

One of the things you are encouraged to do during stage one is read; the challenge is deciding which, from a very long list, to choose. Not only do you get provided with a recommended reading list from your agency, BAAF also publish a number of books, Adoption UK have their own list & as your network of (prospective) adopters grows you get personal recommendations too. So I tried to pick a selection of ‘real life’ books written by other adopters, some more theoretical books written by ‘professionals’ & a number in between. The problem I now have is that I’ve got too many. Whilst for some it might not seem like it, for me, it means I’ve put them into a pile. With the exception of a few that I previously described as ‘real life’ books, which I have managed to read & thoroughly enjoyed as they are very open, honest, heart warming & open your eyes to the challenging world of parenting, I’m ashamed to say it’s a pile I often ignore; if they’re lucky sometimes I’ll move the pile, or even open the front cover only to be closed again a few moments later as I find another excuse not to read them now thinking I’ll wait for a rainy day. Well today is a rainy day & instead of reading, not only am I writing my blog post I’m also trying to plough my way further through the online course my SW has subscribed me to.

Do I feel guilty about it? A little. Will I read them? Yes but maybe not all. Do a feel a fraud? No. One thing I’ve learnt, not only from going through this process as you definitely learn more about yourself, but I also believe in part it’s an age thing, in that I have to be true to myself. At the end of the day, we’re all individuals & the way that we approach things is individual too. I liken it to waiting for exams: as you stand nervously outside of the exam hall, you cant help yourself but chat to your friends & inevitably you always ask ‘how much revision have you done?’ There will always be someone who has done more than you but sometimes you can’t compare, only you know if you have done enough. Let’s hope, when I get to the panel, my enough gets me through as there is a whole lot more to this than what the books can tell you, but don’t get me wrong some of them have been brilliant.